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Friday, March 23, 2007

Returning to my Art

As I have mentioned to some of you, I've recently decided to pursue my dream of becoming a portrait artist. It's hard to describe, but it feels like I've found my way home after being lost for many, many years. It took me a while to get myself to make this first posting. It's feels symbolic towards my return to art.

This is a portrait of actress Kristin Kreuk of the show "Smallville". It was the first picture I did on decent drawing paper. The first two portraits I did were of my kids, but on a sketch pad. This paper was a big improvement in helping achieve the look I wanted. I hope you enjoy it.

I plan to build a website, but for now, I'm using this blog.

Feel free to leave me comments!



Kim Kincaid said...

Way to go, Jennie! A huge step in the right direction. Bravo! Your portrait looks beautiful.

Bryan Chan said...

Great work. You really captured not only the replication of the portrait, but brought out an enhanced quality of what true art talent is all about.

Anonymous said...

Are yu kidding? You are soooo talented--I am so happy to see you doing this...and doing it so superbly!!!!!!!!!!!!

Harbinman said...

What a beautiful portrait! I'm happy to read that you have taken up art again. One should always pursue their passions and talents. You will definitely (or should I say, "are")be a success!
I'm proud of you, Jen!

Jen Bassett said...

Wow! This is beautiful Jennie! I am glad you are following your heart and your passion!

Anonymous said...

Gee! So good to see you find your way back into art. I always remembered how you had that zest in your eyes when you did your art. Glad to see that again in you.

Anonymous said...

Jen, she is beautiful ... makes you want to know her. Continue to LIVE THE LIFE and do what makes you happy. JLeb

Donna Kasabian said...

beautiful, Jennie. I had no idea how talented you are!

Anonymous said...

She must be a person with a special inner glow - because you've captured that. I'd be very interested to see your artistic portrayal of someone with an intense, weathered face like the senior Clint Eastwood.
Beautifully done Jenny! RK-B

lolly caubin said...

Jennie, when I first saw your art
I was amazed that you were not
working on any projects, but now I
see you are projecting yourself into your God given talent. The
portrait is excellent, it captured
the essence of the person.