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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Completed Dogs

Here are scans of the completed drawings of Shiloh and Sandy:

Project subject 2

Here is the initial sketch of the second dog Sandy.
Here is work in progress:

Project for a friend

I know it's been way too long! I started this project for a dear friend and I got way behind since I'm back to working again. I'm doing drawings of two dogs. This is a picture of the initial sketch of Shiloh...I know, it's a bit blurry.
Here is the final drawing of Shiloh done in color pencil. This is my first attempt at drawing an animal in color pencil, since I was in high it's been awhile. It's not an easy medium and requires many layers. Since the pencils are wax based, you can't erase them. You can lift up some of the color by using a kneadable eraser and pressing it on the areas.
I like control and detail, so I tend to choose mediums that are a bit time consuming.

Here's the source picture for comparison.